How It Works

Shopping Smarter Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Who knew discovering new shops, brands and products could be so seamless? Here's how Eureka makes it happen!


Creating your Eureka account is a good place to start.

To access all the ways Eureka can personalize your shopping experience, you’ll need your own account.

Your Personal Privacy Is Key

In this day in age - privacy is key. Eureka protects your privacy and treats it with the utmost care throughout your shopping journey.


Add Your Favorite Stores

Click the heart next to the name of any store that you love. Simply go to Your Stores to view all the deals from your favorite stores.


Deals You'll Love Delivered

You know all those stores you favorited? With Deal Radar, the latest deals from these stores are sent directly to you.

Always Know All Your Options

No need to jump from store to store finding the best price. Eureka cuts extra time spent researching by automatically comparing prices or presenting similar options to products you show interest in.


All Shopping Is Welcome

Whether you are looking for a new outfit, simply window shopping or on the hunt for a specific product. And no matter what kind of shopper you are, Eureka makes every step of shopping more seamless and exciting.