Holiday Gifts for Him

Published: December 27, 2022

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The holiday season is a time for celebrating the end of another year, which includes finding the best ways to show our loved ones how much we appreciate them being part of the journey. Whether shopping for your husband, father, son, or brother - we want you to feel confident in discovering the best gifts he will genuinely love.

1. Liquorama Store Image
Liquorama Store Logo

Treat your husband to his favorite libations! Whether he loves beer, wine, or cocktails, Liquorama will help you find his beloved drink and conveniently deliver it straight to your door. This family-owned and operated establishment has been around since 1978, originating in Southern California where they still have a physical store. With a reputation for offering the very best in variety and service, they offer one of the largest selections of spirits, wine, and beer for you to put a sure smile on his face this holiday season. In addition to libations, did you know that they also offer kosher wines, garnishes, bar mixers, and more? At friendly prices, you can rest assured that finding the perfect gift for him will be a breeze.

2. Bose Store Image
Bose Store Logo

Bose believes in the power of sound, and we have a sneaky feeling the man in your life does too. Why not reward him this holiday season with the best sound quality around? Sound is the most powerful force on earth, which is why they’ve dedicated more than 60 years to improving it. Once the company’s founder bought a stereo and felt it could be improved, Bose has relentlessly pushed forward the next best thing ever since - they don’t just innovate, they are innovation. Their constant curiosity pushes them to never stop imagining what better sound sounds like. As music fanatics and audio engineers, explorers, inventors, and dreamers, the passion for quality sound is in their bones. Add a little magic to his listening this holiday season with Bose.

3. Appalachian Outdoors Store Image
Appalachian Outdoors Store Logo

Does your man or the special men in your life enjoy the great outdoors? Appalachian Ski and Outdoors is the adventure source for quality outdoor clothing and equipment since 1974. From North Face sleeping bags and tents to Mountain Hardwear jackets and equipment, to Osprey, Gregory, and Lowe Alpine they have so much to offer to help you gift the very best this holiday season. They guarantee complete satisfaction with a commitment to the best customer service delivered.

4. Daily Crunch Store Image
Daily Crunch Store Logo

If anything for certain, it’s that the men in our lives more often than not have a big appetite. Whether hiking, camping, playing sports, traveling or working, there are plenty of reasons to have a craving for sustenance. Why not give your man the perfect snack gifts this holiday season? He can start the new year with the nutrients he needs to perform best in whatever his passions are. Daily Crunch started from education around the health, taste, and benefits of sprouted almonds. When soaked in water for long enough, they sprout and result in easier to digest, more nutrient dense, crunchier almonds. Flavored with real ingredients, they taste and make you feel great. After some time, the company now has a perfected recipe, brand development and team building which launched in March of 2020 to provide customers with high quality, healthier snack options. Feel as good as they taste, regardless of dietary preference.

5. SiriusXM Store Image
SiriusXM Store Logo

It’s safe to say that most of the special men in our life probably drive a car. Maybe that’s their special place for peace and quiet from the daily bustle of life. Maybe it’s where they practice their karaoke skills. Why not give him the gift of SiriusXM? The leading auto entertainment company in North America, they offer unique programming and content with their subscription. They collectively have the largest reach of any digital audio provider in North America. Their ad-free, curated music channels offers any genre he could ever want, including programming for news and in-depth talk, comedy, and entertainment. This holiday season, give him the gift of vehicle entertainment.

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