10 Sweater Brands To Check Out This Fall and Winter

Published: December 9, 2022

10 Sweater Brands To Check Out This Fall and Winter Shoplist Image10 Sweater Brands To Check Out This Fall and Winter Shoplist Image

Are you looking for a new sweater for fall and winter? Something cozy, comfortable, and stylish? Well, we have the top 10 sweater brands you should check out. After all, a sweater should be durable, warm, well-made, and versatile. And every brand on our list delivers on all fronts.

1. Cashmereboutique Store Image
Cashmereboutique Store Logo

US-based Cashmere Boutique creates cashmere items available for a reasonable price, but they don’t skimp on quality. You can purchase through their online site or Amazon by searching their name. They also offer a cash-back guarantee and free shipping on all orders in the continental United States. Simply mail back any unworn garment in its original packaging within 15 days of purchase to receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Why We Love It

Beyond their fantastic customer service initiatives, we love their cashmere sweaters for their durability and large selection. Cashmere Boutique is the perfect choice for people who want a wide selection of high-quality sweaters for a reasonable price.

2. Gap Store Image
Gap Store Logo

Since 1969, Gap has been a reputable source for customers looking for quality items at a great price. They have an online store and plenty of brick-and-mortar locations for easy shopping and returns.

Why We Love It

We love the sweaters at the Gap because they are neutral-toned and come in plenty of styles, from sleeveless to turtlenecks. You can find plenty of colors, styles, and materials at the Gap.

3. Theo+George Store Image
Theo+George Store Logo

Theo + George is a Dublin-based sustainable clothing brand focusing on durable basics. They make their cashmere sweaters with 100% traceable materials, so you know exactly where your clothes are made. Also, they have a recycling partnership in Dublin and use sustainable packaging in all shipments.

Why We Love It

We love all sweater options from Theo + George, including their sustainably made cashmere options. Their styles are classic and chic, ranging from turtleneck sweaters to wrap sweaters. The designs are perfect for everyday wear and can be styled differently depending on the occasion.

4. Minus33 Store Image
Minus33 Store Logo

Minus33 Merino Wool is the perfect company for people who love the outdoors. They sell items for the entire family, including adult clothing, children’s clothing, blankets, beanies, and other outdoor-ready items.

Why We Love It

We love their merino wool sweaters because they are moisture-wicking and versatile enough that you can wear them on a hike or to dinner. Finding such a versatile item can be tricky, but the items available from Merino33 are the best.

5. Ocio Leisurewear Store Image
Ocio Leisurewear Store Logo

Many items from Ocio Leisurewear are neutral-colored, and sizes range from XXS to 4XL, so there is something for everyone. As a bonus, you can feel good while staying comfortable since Ocio is a plastic-negative company that meets the Global Organic Textile Standard and is Bluesign Certified.

Why We Love It

Ocio Leisurewear specializes in comfort, and who doesn’t love to be comfortable? Plus, their sweaters come in a few styles, including crewneck, polo neck, and hoodies, so there’s something for everyone. You can even find coordinating pants to go with them, so it really is a one-stop shop.

6. Madewell Store Image
Madewell Store Logo

Madewell offers much more than just sweaters, but each year they come out with top-tier sweater styles perfect for fall and winter weather. You can visit them in-store or online for easy purchases and returns. Keep an eye out for occasional sales to take advantage of deep discounts on their quality items.

Why We Love It

Madewell began as a women’s brand but is branching out into the menswear department, so keep an eye out. We love their sweater selection because of their high-quality materials like cashmere, wool, and cotton and their unique designs.

7. Bella Dahl Store Image
Bella Dahl Store Logo

Bella Dahl is an upscale online boutique with a clean aesthetic catering to women and young girls. Think modern, trendy, chic, but comfortable. Nothing too try-hard or out there. Plus, they’re a sustainable brand, so they use ethical manufacturing methods while bringing fashionable styles to its clientele.

Why We Love It

The sweaters from Bella Dahl come in various colors and styles. Most of them are made of fabric blends to create the ultimate combination of softness and quality. We also love that many of their styles can be dressed up or dressed down.

8. Anthropologie Store Image
Anthropologie Store Logo

Anthropologie’s style is quirky, eccentric, and classic. No wonder the brand has expanded to over 200 stores worldwide since 1992. It’s the perfect brand for creatives who want to express themselves how they see fit.

Why We Love It

We love that the selection seems to have something for everyone. From wild colors to muted basics and from the classic to the avant-garde, anyone can find a sweater from Anthropologie that’ll last a lifetime and fit their budget and needs.

9. Jcrew Store Image
Jcrew Store Logo

J. Crew Factory is one of the leading brands of classic and sophisticated style. Made with quality materials, these items truly last for many years. They offer menswear and womenswear online and in-store.

Why We Love It

We love their sweater selection because you can find cashmere, wool, and blended cotton sweaters for a reasonable price. Occasionally, the brand offers deep discounts on its items through sales.

10. L.L. Bean Store Image
L.L. Bean Store Logo

Similarly to J. Crew Factory, L.L. Bean is synonymous with American fashion. L.L. Bean focuses more on outdoor wear and apparel, but they are great for any occasion. A bonus for customers is that the brand constantly discounts military personnel, teachers, medical professionals, and students.

Why We Love It

L.L. Bean offers sweaters for the whole family. So if you’ve been dreaming of a coordinating family sweater situation, this is the perfect brand to try out. Most of their items come in muted, earth-toned colors, consistent with the brand, but we love that their styles are simple enough to be versatile.

Are you inspired by any of these brands?

Give them a look today and find your new favorite sweater style for fall and winter. You never know what you’ll come across.

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