8 Fantastic Boot Brands to Check Out for Fall and Winter

Published: November 22, 2022

8 Fantastic Boot Brands to Check Out for Fall and Winter Shoplist Image8 Fantastic Boot Brands to Check Out for Fall and Winter Shoplist Image

Getting ready for fall and winter? For stylish boots that will keep you warm all season, check out these eight brands. There's something here for everyone, from well-known brands like Hunter to lesser-known but equally stylish options. Find the perfect pair of boots for your wardrobe this year with our selection of boots.

1. The Frye Company Store Image
The Frye Company Store Logo

Known for their quality and craftsmanship, Frye has been a beloved favorite since the 19th century—1863, to be exact. When the brand first opened on Elm Street in Marlboro, MA, it embraced the artesian aesthetic wholeheartedly. Back then, they emphasized precision stitching, durable materials, and top-of-the-line leather. These same principles make them so unique today. Frye stays true to its roots, while other brands focus on trends or rebranding. With their artisanal aesthetic, they continue to appeal to generations after generations despite cultural shifts and fashion changes.

Why We Love Them:

If classic Americana is your vibe, don’t look further than Frye. Chelsea booties, equestrian-style mid-shafts, and biker-inspired combat boots are all right here. There is no shortage of shiny buckles, zippers, and slightly angled heels for that dash of Western.

2. Palladium Boots Store Image
Palladium Boots Store Logo

Aviation meets punk rock and grunge—there’s no other way to describe these boots. The French Foreign Legion wore boots made of the same rubber as WWII planes. Then, the whole world couldn’t get enough. New York’s art got hold of them (including Andy Warhol), but so did 70s basketball and tennis. Even Seattle’s grunge scene swore by these boots. And things haven’t slowed down. A number of brands, including Stussy, Billionaire Boys Club, Alpha Industries, and Atmos, have collaborated with the brand over the years because these boots stand the test of time. Palladium proves to be here to stay as other styles and trends fade away.

Why We Love Them:

Outdoorsy meets urban chic. Palladium Boots are perfect for anyone who loves to explore the toughest terrain—followed by a cup of coffee on 2nd Avenue. Don't be fooled, though. Although stylish and seen across all major American cities, Palladium Boots are hard-wearing and feature some pretty hardcore, grip-happy soles. So, next time you come across some nasty winter weather in the city, you’ll be ready.

3. Nicksboots Store Image
Nicksboots Store Logo

When you cross durable craftsmanship with workwear, you get Nick’s Handmade Boots. Made in Spokane, WA, these are the boots you see in every woodworking shop, building site, and renovation across the Pacific Northwest. Think of them as the Dr. Martens of the laboring workforce. They're pricey, but they'll last for years, especially if you regularly use one of their premium boot care kits. They make a difference.

Why We Love Them:

Something about Nick’s Handmade Boots screams “modern worker.” Sure, you can get a classic work boot (and matching gloves), but they’re all a little stylish. But it’s not all about looks. Paired with the extra sole support and varying shaft sizes, you’ll feel as comfortable as possible on the work site, no matter the project.

4. Matissefootwear Store Image
Matissefootwear Store Logo

Trendsetting, eye-catching, and anything but boring, Matisse Footwear has something for every fashionista. Ankle boots, over-the-knee, Western, platform, mid-calf, or rain boots—Matisse has them. And just in case it wasn't clear before, they're anything but boring. Ever seen a silver cowboy boot? Matisse has some ankle ones. How about some glittery Westerns that would make Dolly Parton sing? They’re here too.

Why We Love Them:

Sure, they have Chelsea boots, hiker boots, and heeled boots, but overall, Matisse Footwear does Western boots most of all. So, if you’re interested in adding a touch of whimsy and pizazz to your cowboy boots, then Matisse is the place to check. You’ll find no shortage of the iconic white Western boot, but you’ll also get things you’ve likely never seen before, like studded styles that Elvis would love. They even have Zebra-print mid-calfs that might be worth a look.

5. Hunterboots Store Image
Hunterboots Store Logo

If you’ve gone to your local grocery store during even the slightest drizzle, you’ve seen at least one pair of Hunter boots. Despite being around since 1856, this British heritage brand’s become a bit of a trend as of late. So even though they’ve become a staple in every 20-30-something’s closet, the brand is rich with history. In fact, it holds two Royal Warrants of Appointment to HM, The Queen, and HRH, The Duke of Edinburgh.

Why We Love Them:

Hunter boots will give you a polished, British, outdoorsy, yet clean-cut look. Sure, they’re trendy now, but they’ve been around, so it’s safe to say Wellington rain boots (or “Wellies,” as the Brits call them) aren’t going anywhere. You will always look timeless in Hunter boots.

6. Helmboots Store Image
Helmboots Store Logo

Made by modern men for modern men, Helm boots are tough. Designed to last, they’ll keep your feet warm and dry for years. And yet, they’re more than just practical. These boots are versatile, timeless, and functional. You can wear them to work in an office, go on a date, visit the family, run errands, or do your thing in a workshop—they’re ready for anything. Wherever you go, your boots look good and catch people’s eyes. They’re exquisitely crafted boots with impeccable craftsmanship. That’s what happens when you have master bootmakers on your team.

Why We Love Them:

When you think of an artist, a boardroom executive, or an outdoorsy guy, you think of a particular boot style. It’s a sleek, minimalist boot with an emphasis on clean stitching, tidy laces, and genuine leather. Well, that’s what Helm specializes in, so it’s chock-full of options. Whether you need some black boots, chocolate brown, cozy tan, or olive green, Helm has something you’ll love.

7. Vionicshoes Store Image
Vionicshoes Store Logo

Here’s the thing about Vionic: they’re one of the smaller brands on this list, so they don’t have a massive selection of boots to sift through. Even so, they're nothing to sneeze at. Despite their small selection, they're making waves with their variety. Women's boots include Chelseas, hiking boots, tall or ankle boots, rain boots, and even wedges.

Why We Love Them:

Unlike other options on this list, Vionic is small and streamlined, so you’ll be able to pop in, order boots, and carry on with your day in a few minutes. It’s great if you’re short on time but still need to get this done.

8. Redwingshoes Store Image
Redwingshoes Store Logo

It’s highly likely that you know about Red Wing Heritage if you work in a blue-collar profession or know someone who does. They make the best Christmas presents because they last for a long time and only get better with age. Only now, they also have a heritage lifestyle collection that's worth checking out. They use the same materials and craftsmanship for their casual styles as their workwear. We’re talking Gore-Tex, rough and tough leather, and sturdy stitching. Whatever your adventure is—from errand runs to beach strolls—Red Wing Heritage has you covered.

Why We Love Them:

Red Wing Heritage is like an investment. Sure, they’re roughly $280 and up, but they last a lifetime. They’re even resoleable, so you can update them when you finally do wear them down.

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