Holiday Gifts for Furry Friends

Published: December 8, 2022

Holiday Gifts for Furry Friends Shoplist ImageHoliday Gifts for Furry Friends Shoplist Image

Pets are the new kids. Spoiling them and showering them with love is second nature. With the holiday season here, it’s time to find the perfect gifts for your furry ones. Check out some of our favorite stores below to find the best products to make them happy and feel appreciated.

1. Paw Store Image
Paw Store Logo

Paw was started because pets are part of the family. They believe in fully treating them that way. The inspiration behind creating this brand came from stress trying to find beautiful, yet functional dog products. They design dog beds with your home decor in mind using the highest quality designs. All of their products feature original, in-house designs, and their dedicated pet-loving team ensures carefully chosen materials rigorously tested by dogs and humans alike.

2. Chewy Store Image
Chewy Store Logo

Chewy offers pet owners only the most trusted and convenient products for your furry friends. Chewy is actually one of the largest dedicated pet supply websites online. Whether looking for a treat your pet will go crazy for or new food and water bowls, Chewy has what you need. They’ve even made it super easy to get prescription medicines for your pets.

3. The Anxious Pet Store Image
The Anxious Pet Store Logo

Your furry friends, both cats and dogs alike, can deal with pet anxiety. It’s a real problem that can affect the pet parents. This company understand this first-hand, the founders were once those anxious pet parents themselves. Nothing they found and tried seemed to work, so they set out to create their own magical products to cure those anxious ailments. They proudly offer a full lineup of proprietary calming products formulated and lab tested by veterinarians. These calming solutions not only work, but they help upgrade your furry friend’s quality of life and your relationship with them.

4. Onlynaturalpet Store Image
Onlynaturalpet Store Logo

From meals to treats and beyond, Only Natural Pet offers everything you could ever need to keep your furry friends happy and healthy from nose to tail. They use honest ingredients and employ sustainable practices. They strongly believe in creating, enjoying, and protecting happy places everywhere. Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2002, the brand was inspired by their surroundings—open spaces, fresh air, and sunshine. Their mission is to create happy pets and happy people. They proudly lead the pack, providing products that are not only good for your pets, but good for the planet.

5. Petsmart Store Image
Petsmart Store Logo

PetSmart loves pets and believe that loving our furry friends makes us better people. It’s just one of the many reasons they do anything for our pets—pets will do just about anything for us. They’re committed to helping pet parents and pet lovers. As a leader in the pet care industry, their decisions are based on how to improve these warm relationships. From matching outfits to delicious treats and exciting new toys, they innovate solutions and unique, in-demand products to create more opportunities for pets to be part of our everyday lives. With over 1,660 North American retail locations, they pride themselves on an unrivaled variety of products, including training, grooming, boarding, and more.

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