Spoil Your Pet: Shop Our Top 6 Favorite Pet Stores

Published: September 8, 2022

Spoil Your Pet: Shop Our Top 6 Favorite Pet Stores Shoplist ImageSpoil Your Pet: Shop Our Top 6 Favorite Pet Stores Shoplist Image

A pet is a member of your family. They play with you, love you, and share in your happiness. No wonder you look forward to spoiling your pets with toys and treats. Check out our favorite stores below to spoil your pets with goodies they’ll love without breaking the bank.

1. Bark Bright Store Image
Bark Bright Store Logo

Launched in 2012, BarkBox is a unique monthly themed subscription of treats and toys for dogs. By delivering all-natural snacks, clever plushies, and puzzles to suit each dog's play style, they reach over 1 million dogs every month. You'll find two toys, two treats, and one chew in each box. However, after your first box, you get to tailor the box according to your pup’s preference. You're covered by a 100% money-back guarantee in case your dog doesn't like something. You can find BarkBox products on the BarkBox website or third-party websites like Target, Amazon, Urban Outfitters, and many more.

What People Say About BarkBox

Customers love BarkBox. Most of them think that getting a BarkBox was one of the best things they’ve done for their pups.

2. Chewy Store Image
Chewy Store Logo

Colorado-based brand, Chewy offers pet owners worldwide the most trusted and convenient pet products. Next to Amazon, Chewy is one of the largest dedicated pet supply websites online. So, whether you're looking for a treat for your pet or just need to replace the dog bowls, Chewy has you covered. They even make it easy to get prescription medicines for your pets—just provide a prescription and the veterinarian's contact information.

What People Say About Chewy

Pet owners are happy with Chewy. The company goes above and beyond to ensure that their products are delivered on time, even during the pandemic.

3. Entirely Pets Store Image
Entirely Pets Store Logo

If you’re looking for a one-stop pet shop, then EntirelyPets is your go-to brand. Leading the pet supplies space since 1999 EntirelyPets really lives up to its name of providing affordable yet high-quality pet supplies for pet owners worldwide. Dedicated to improving pets' health and quality of life, EntirelyPets will match or beat competitor prices on any product at the time of ordering. Moreover, EntirelyPets ships worldwide, so wherever you are, you can get all the supplies you need. Even better—you get free shipping within the US if your order exceeds $85. How cool is that?

What People Say About EntirelyPets

With lots of positive reviews, EntirelyPets is known for selling high-quality pet supplies at an affordable price. Their best sellers include Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide Chews and Ora-Clens Dental Rinse for Dogs & Cats.

4. PetJoy Store Image
PetJoy Store Logo

If you're tired of hiding pills in treats and coaxing your pets to take supplements, PetJoy is the brand for you. PetJoy supplements are veterinarian-approved and 100% backed by the Yumology guarantee. Natural and delicious, your pet will love these treats—and you’ll feel good knowing they’re safe for your favorite pooch.

What People Say About PetJoy

PetJoy customers love their products, which are consistently rated 4-5 stars for their variety and ingredient quality.

5. Drbeckersbites Store Image
Drbeckersbites Store Logo

Wish your furry friend could enjoy some homemade treats, but struggle at the thought of making them yourself? Sounds like a job for Dr. Becker’s Bites. Dr. Becker’s Bites takes pride in the fact that they’re helping pets recover from their ailments with homemade treats, made from 100% pure meat, vegetables, and nutrients essential for cats and dogs. Dr. Becker's Bites offers a line of 100% organic products made from non-GMO, US-sourced human-grade meat that pets love.

What People Say About Dr. Becker’s Bites

Pet owners enjoy Dr. Becker's Bite products because they’re natural and pets absolutely love them. Their Dr. Becker's Original Beef Bites and Dr. Becker's Gut/GI Solutions Bites are especially well-reviewed.

6. Poochperks Store Image
Poochperks Store Logo

With its monthly themed boxes, Pooch Perks offers fun toys, treats, and other fun goodies for your dogs that are all-natural and made in the USA. Pooch Perks also offers different Pooch Packages. Unlike other pet subscription boxes, these are all customizable to meet your dogs' specific needs, including allergies and sizes. Plus, Pooch Perks offers a one-time essentials box that contains two bags of all-natural training treats, a teething stick, a teething play toy, a pet waste holder and bag, three absorbent and disposal puppy pee pads, and training tips from Pooch Perks' pet experts. As a bonus, every puppy box also includes a surprise accessory you and your puppy will need and love.

What People Say About Pooch Perks

Besides wowing dogs, Pooch Perks products have also impressed pet owners whose pets enjoy the toys.

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