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Visit Site is a premier destination for denim enthusiasts and workwear aficionados. Renowned for being the home of the iconic Pointer Brand, L.C. King Manufacturing Co. has been crafting authentic American workwear since 1913. This century-old brand stands by its commitment to quality, durability, and classic style in every piece of apparel it offers. As the purveyor of rugged, high-quality denim and work apparel, offers a vast selection of jeans, jackets, overalls, and chore coats that speak to the needs of the modern craftsman while honoring the legacy of traditional American craftsmanship. Each product on the website is meticulously designed and manufactured in the USA, using the finest materials to ensure longevity and comfort. The brand's unique selling points include its dedication to producing all-American, handcrafted workwear, with an emphasis on sustainability and ethical production practices. With a keen eye for detail, L.C. King Manufacturing Co. takes pride in creating durable garments that not only withstand the test of time but also get better with age.'s user-friendly eCommerce platform ensures a seamless shopping experience, offering customers detailed product descriptions and high-quality imagery that captures the essence of their ruggedly sophisticated product line. Catering to a diverse clientele that values heritage and quality, is more than an online store—it's a testament to the enduring legacy of American workwear.

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